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The patio is the classic garden area for sitting, relaxing and entertaining in the garden, or used as a slab area for sheds, parking areas or pools.  They can be any shape, size and pattern, and there are a variety of slab colours and designs to choose from too.  So they are easily adaptable for your garden and its use.

Before laying a patio it is important to have a strong base, and this will be determined by its use.  For example, if the slabbed area is to be used for parking vehicles it will need a foundation of 300mm, whereas a simple garden patio for table and chairs would have a foundation of 100mm.  The foundation consists of scalpings, a compacting product mixing stone and sands compressed into a solid base.  Then a layer of sharp sand is used to level and sit the slabs on.  The patio can be any design, and the slabs are pointed in using mortar. 

We can advise on the best type of slab for your design, use and budget.

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