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Whether you need a repair or a new fence installed, we can provide fencing for all types and budgets. 

Closed Board Fencing

This type of fencing is built on site using posts, rails, gravel boards and finishing with upright slats.  It is designed to be hard wearing and stand those tough winds that we often experience, and is available for any size as cut and erected on site.  Closed board fencing provides an elegant finish to any garden.

Thick Panel Fencing

This type of fence is pre-supplied as panels, but using the same style as the closed board option.  As these are ready made panels, they are supplied as standard 6ft wide. These are robust and provide a neat finish to any boundary.

Lap Panels

This type of fencing is the cheapest option, and is readily available from any DIY supplier.  If you are looking for a quick and cheap option, this is the one, however the quality is reflected in the price.  These are standard panels, 6ft wide.

Picket Fencing

This type of fencing can be made on site or bought in ready made units.  It is decorative, classic and seen most often around front gardens, providing a border that allows light and people to see into the garden.  The tops of the picket can be rounded or pointed to suit.

Post and Rail

This type of fencing is primarily used in agriculture, but does provide a nice natural finish to a garden

Chain Link

This type of fencing is usually used for schools and commercial use.  Available for any height


This can be used on its own, or on top of a wall or fence.  Many gardens used it as a support for creeping plants, or as a decorative finish to an otherwise bland wall or fence.  Comes in a number of sizes and designs.


Gates can be custom made or ready built.  These can be timber, metal or plastic, for garden paths, driveways or other access points

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